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   digital gymnastics - closed 31st October 2006

 free to read - artistic gymnastics
   British Gymnastics forum
   OutofBoundsNess Gymnastics Messageboard
   Canadian board @
   forum in French @
   Ginnastica ritmica e artistica in Italian
   Australian Gymnastics Message Board - old

 free to read - rhythmic gymnastics
   Rhythmic Messageboard @
   Unofficial British Rhythmic Gymnastics Forum
   MotionPlay Rhythmic Gymnastics forum - gone? 11/2009
   Le forum de la gymnastique rythmique

 free to read - general
   UK Gymnastics Message Board @ UK Gymnastics
   Ginnastica ritmica e artistica forum
   International Gymnast Online Forum @ International Gymnast Online Magazine
   Monica Rosu Fan Forum - gone? 11/2009
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   WWGym forums
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   TBGN Community

   search @ google : gymnastics+forum gymnastics messageboard

General Sites

UK Gymnastics
Gymmedia . Euro Nationals - great news site
Olympic EuroGym - dedicated to gymnasts from Russia and Ukraine, gone? 11/2009 maybe youtube?
Ukrainian Rhythmic Gymnastics
Lily Pod INC. / Bernhards Gymnastics Page / Graceful Power
Gym-Art - photos and artwork ;)
Whatever Happened To ? - dedicated to the whereabouts of former gymnasts
Kostiskal - Canadian gymnastics
Slovakia gymnastics
Czech Gymnastic Federation
Gymnastics Online - collection of related gym links
World Gym Rank
Trampoline Mad
Rhythmic Gymnastics Club Levski
Australian Gymnastics Blog
World Championships Artistic Gymnastics 2010

UK Related

B.A.G.A. - British Amateur Gymnastics Association
Scottish Gymnastics
Irish Gymnastics
Gymnastics with John Pirrie - UK gym and technical issues - gone 11/2009
The British Gymnastics Net
Colchester School of Gymnastics
London Gymnastics Federation
Berkhamsted Gymnastics Club
Sutton School of Gymnastics

Gymnast Websites

Beth Tweddle - UK gymnast
Jessica Coombs

Other Gymnastics Multimedia Video sites

British Gymnastics TV - watch some gym online

Bernhards Gymnastics Page - darn good quality
Universal Sports Gymnastics - watch online
Sri Ea's Romanian Gymnastics pages - old - lots of rhythmic
The Rhythms Of Rhythmic Gymnastics - sadly closed
Future Home of RSG - lots of RSG
gymnet - French site that has some media
RG music list - listings for rhythmic music
Gymmy's Gymnastics Mpegs - sadly closed, one of the best
google searches :- gymnastics+video gymnastics+mpegs gymnastics+multimedia

Looking for Gymnastics Videos (not computer format)

Gymnastics Tape Trading Club aka GTTC - maybe moved 11/2009? not sure
Rhythmic Gymnastics Tape Trading Club aka RGTTC
Australian Gymnastics Federation - check the gymshop
US Gymnastics Online - check out the shop
Frank Endo Company

Gymnastics Magazines

Gym Stars - excellent magazine - gone 11/2009
International Gymnast Magazine Online
Inside Gymnastics - American based magazine

Gymnastics Photography

Gymbox - European photography site
Gym-Art - photos and artwork
gym photos - French site of French gymnasts
Gymages - Patrick Tower photography
Gymagery International

Television Stations to keep an eye on

  tip:- more info on the gymnastics tv station guide - outdated

BBC / tv / programmes / CBBC Sportsround / search gymnastics at bbc
BBC Sport Gymnastics / BBC Interactive schedule / BBC Sport schedule
Sky TV guide with a useful search facility
onthebox - listing most uk stations inc satellite
Guardian TV listing / Radio Times / myDigiGuide
Eurosport / UK / FR / DE
France 2 . France 3 / french tv guide
Euro TV - schedules for most European stations
TV Today sport - German TV guide
TV Romania International . schedule
RAI Sport tv / RAI TV guide / RAI teletext In tv they did used to have a tv guide on the site
TVE International / tv schedule
Canvas - Belgium TV / SF TV guide / BNT Satellite TV guide
Greek TV Guide / TSI tvslo - tvslo2 Dutch TV / Teletekst - Sport Studio / Belgian sport
Dubai Sports TV guide / French TV guide
Megasport TV guide
Duna tv - Hungarian / Czech TV guide / Lider TV Azerbaijan

Other Links

alt.sports.gymnastics - newsgroup @ google
gymnastics express
massilia gym cup
google video
Yahoo / UK . Excite / UK
Yahoo Babel Fish /
Google - language tools
GYMN-L archives - vanished
Dreamer's Reality - poetry
Drills and Skills
Adobe - Test Adobe Shockwave and Flash Players
Verify Java Installation - Sun


VirtualDub - nuts and bolts of video editing [sf]
AviSynth - more nuts and bolts for video editing [sf]
Project X - DVB tool
VideoLAN Open Source Media Player
Media Player Classic - decent media player [sf]
foobar2000 - decent mp3 player
FileZilla - ftp software [sf]
ffdshow-tryout - Your Digital Life, Anywhere
FileHippo - useful software archive