digital gymnastics

The site is now officially closed.
Thank you to everyone who has supported it over the years it has been alive.

_previous updates_

From 01 January 2011, the site will be officially closed.

The gym on tv pages will remain in a read only state.
All mailing lists will be closed, a notice will be sent out and everyone will be unsubscribed from the lists.

There are no plans to sell the domain names.
At one time I would have given the site to a few people but alas as time goes on and like myself, gymnastics becomes less important.
From 10 July 2010, I shall no longer be actively searching for any gymnastics related broadcasts on television stations.

My love for the sport has diminished over the years and I can no longer justify spending maybe 8 hours plus every week to keep things updated.

The site will remain open but only user submissions will be added to the gym on tv page, use the feedback form.
The mailing lists will continue to remain open for the time being, the main list will only mail out once per week unless there are upcoming broadcasts listed as the uk list does.
The chat room will be closed at the end of July 2010, it has only received a handful of visitors over the last year and has never been the same since Dragos passed away in December 2002.
Thank you to everyone who has supported the site over the years, and to all the gymnasts, trainers and support staff who enabled everyone to see some stunning routines.